V3XX unlocked done..

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V3XX unlocked done..

Post by THE_SAINT on Sat Dec 27, 2008 7:53 am

Gandang umaga sa Lahat..

wala lang, share ko lang bwenamano ko,
sabi nga, early bird, catch early v3xx:D

openline lang po, at&t lock..


Prepare Smart TestPoint

1. Connect powered ON handset to PC via Smart-Clip (phone > USB cable > Smart-Clip > LPT cable > PC).
2. Connect S-Card to PC USB port.
3. Connect power supply to Smart-Clip and power on the handset.
4. Launch SmartMoto.
5. Choose "Smart-Clip USB port" in phone connection window.
6. Press "Search". The software should perform the following steps:
* SmartMoto detects S-Card;
* SmartMoto detects Smart-Clip;
* SmartMoto detects the handset and reads all phone information.
7. Log to bookmark “Prepare”
8. Select an appropriate model from the list.
9. Mark “Unlock automatically” and press “Prepare Smart TestPoint” button.
10. Prepare operation is in progress. The handset gets reloaded, backup of firmware is saved.
11. SmartMoto pops up the message requiring Smart TestPoint cable to be connected. Please perform the following:
* Disconnect the handset and dismantle it
* Connect Smart TestPoint cable to the port RJ45 on Smart-Clip
* Connect data cable to the phone
* Connect battery hook to the positive (+) battery contact on PCB
* Connect needle A to the primary TestPoint A and hold it until the software informs that it can be disconnected
* Press OK in SmartMoto. The handset should be detected with boot version 0.00.
12. Unlock procedure continues.
13. Disconnect TP needle when SmartMoto informs to do so.
14. If the option "Unlock automatically" was marked – the handset becomes unlocked. If the option was not selected then the handset can be served for Flash, Repair PDS, Unlock or Backup purposes.

SmartMoto 3.20
S-Card: SAINT Smart-Clip dongle, v 2.10, assigned Smart-Clip: SAINT Europe, initializing... OK
Clip serial: SAINT, version: 4.08, initializing... OK
Searching for phone... found S Flash Argon, getting test interface... interface not found
Switching to flash mode... OK
Reading phone boot version... 3.02
Sending boot... OK
Processing data, 6 of 6 block...OK
Erasing flash memory OK
Sending firmware OK
Searching for phone... found S Flash Argon
Switching to flash mode... OK
Reading phone boot version... 0.00
Reading flash id... AMD - S71WS512NE0
Reading flash id/2... AMD - S71WS512NE0, OK
Phone group: K3,M702iG,M702iS,V1100,V3xx,V6,V9
Hardware IMEI: 353292017238359
IMEI OTP status: locked
Security area saved to "PDS for S Flash Argon 353292017238359.mbk"
Performing restore from temparary backup file C:\Program Files\GsmServer\SmartMoto\temporary backup\bkp_0B030D0F44B64C51.bk_
Restore OK
Unlocking phone... OK

ang kulit, pero sulit...Very Happy
gandang bwenamano..


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