Chinese cocktail tool - how to use - docs ( from chinese cocktail section )

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Chinese cocktail tool - how to use - docs ( from chinese cocktail section )

Post by THE_SAINT on Tue Oct 21, 2008 9:45 am

Here I make full software discription. Chinese cocktail - best tool for china made phones.

We take our pleasure to present you our NEW development - "Chinese cocktail"! This software was espacially developed to meet your needs in working with the widest range of Chinese phone models. The main peculiarity of our software lays in the possibility to work not only with the listed supported models, but also with all other MTK processor based models (MT 6205/6218A based, MT 6217..6219-A based, MT 6219-B..6226 based, MTK 6227, MTK 6228 and nand flash also supported ). It means that you can work with ALL chinese models! All you need is simply to find the correct pinout!

Software discription:
- Auto Calibration backup
- Supports Initialization the phone after the process
- Keeps Calibration data (frequency settings, battery settings, LCD, sound)
- Supports phone lock
- Supports IMEI repair
- Supports IMEI change
- Supports Version/Branch/Barcode changing
- Restores Calibration Data
- Support unlock / read codes
- Support all MTK MCU's
- Support phones with nand flash
- Phone book back up and restore
- Content back up and restore

Manual for finding Chinese phones pinouts:

Examples and usefull info:
1. [URL=""][/URL]
2. [URL=""][/URL]

"Chinese cocktail" is a free addon for [URL=""]Multi-box[/URL] and [URL=""]Multi-box LITE[/URL], so you don't need to pay for it! It is easy in use and brings perfect results in working with Chinese phone models! All you need to do is just download it from our support zone and... enjoy!

We are working hard on perfecting this software and will deeply appreciate if you could inform us about different bug, mistakes etc. We will correct it in no time!
For your convenience we have developed new sub-forum "Chinese cocktail" ( [URL=""][/URL] ).

Please, don't hesitate to ask your questions or come up with the proposals!
IMPORTANT: We want to pay your special attention, that a lot of new models will be added in the nearest future! You can help to make our soft better and more powerfull! It will be very helpful if you send us backup files for Chinese models.

Please, include the following info:
1. Phone name
2. Full backup
3. Connector description/photo and info about number of pins, "Ground" pin location and "Charge" pin location
4. Phone model photo
Flash files and pinouts will be uploaded in support area at [URL=""][/URL]

1. Connection with tool
2. Reading codes
3. Change IMEI
4. Read / Write flash file
5. Making back up
6. Calibration data
7. Formating eeprom area
8. Content menaging / back up / change
9. Phone book back up

1. Run tool

Run latest Chinese cocktail tool. Select your model from list.
TIPS: if you have for examle ZTC or Nokia phone - select Nokia and in other right menu select correct models. That mean in main menu you can see and choose that correct brand.
IMPORTANT: If you can't see your model in list it doesn't mean that is not support - it just mean that we don't have yet flash file at support for this model, but you can manage and work with a phone. You than need to select "autodetect" in this case. After connect just be sure that selected MCU type is same as software read it. If you sleected MTK 6205 and software detect 6226 for example - you need disconect phone - selcet correct MCU type and coonect it again.

After model and MCU selecting - select working speed. Normaly all of them working on 480000 but some models like some ZTC works only at 115200.
IMPORTANT: If you cannot connect phone on 490000 speed - try to change speed to 115200

2. Conecting and reading codes:

Press "connect" botton and then press and hold on power on botton on a phone. You will see info like on the picture. Even if you have new model - our new software will detect all and show you all codes and all info.

As you can see on the picture we support now NAND flash also - this is very importand for new china phones.

3. Change IMEI
Easy to do - just write correct IMEI in field and then press "do selected jobs". Your IMEI on phone will be changed in few seconds.

4/5. Read full flash / write flash / back up to phone.
After connect you can read full flash back up ( this is good for the case if you have new firmware - software wrote it to you already - than you need send readed flash to us for update, or if you have somew new model - is better make back up for the case if something will be wrong - and you can repair your phone back with this flash ).
SO just go to bookmark "backup/restore" If you have a phone without NAND flash ( you can see on log what kind of flash you have ) - you need just press a botton "backup all flash", choose the place where to save and wait ;-)

If you have a phone with NAND flash - check if readed info is correct and don't have errors - for example if you can see all codes, IMEI and info - that mean all is good and for flash back up just choose checknox "firmware" and press "backup all flash".

If you have a problem with reading. I mean if some info after connect is not full, no codes, no IMEI or what ever - you need select checkbox "backup all flash" ONLY and than press botton "backup all flash" - in the case if you have nand flash it will take long time.

After you make back up - you can always recover your phone to a good state in the case if something goes wrong.

6. Calibration data
When you connect any phone our tool automaticly will make back up calibration data. You can always find this file in "back up" folder. This file content battery info, network and too many other. You have to use it for the case if you are flashing your phone with other firmware for example and you want to save back your phone calibration data.

7. Formating EEPROM area:
This option you have to use in the cases if your phone not power on/ restarts / sim problem or what ever. Before use this option you need to know few things.
- make format eeprom only after backup
- make format in the case if readed from phone info is correct and full
- for phone without NAND flash - use "FORMAT NOR EEPROM AREA"
- for phone with NAND flash - use "FORMAT NAND EEPROM AREA"
- in the case if you have phone with normal and nand flash - use both botton

After formating you should disconect phone. Than reconect battery and press for aprox 30~40 sec - power on botton - after that your phone become LIFE and working good.

8. Content pack menaging
Our tool cas uniqueme function! Some new models has inside a disk with a content - and this disk you can manage with our tool.

One phone can have up to 8 discs. On the pictore you can see how it is looks.

Why this is good for me? - you can save all from there like:
- phone book
- melodies
- images
- video
- files
- other
AND YOU CAN NOT ONLY SAVE IT - you can change it! You can add your melodie to firmware or change standart ringtones. After flashing or changing firmware you can put back your phone book

For phone book back up - copy all from folder:\ NVRAM\NVD_DATA and save
Phone book file in the most of cases start with name like: mpoc*

SO here is all info about our new tool.

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