All members and visitors how to get a rank!

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All members and visitors how to get a rank!

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 21, 2008 12:06 pm

In this forum we have a rank in which
can identify how great leader or poster you are

after you post a first massage your rank will be Private

*here our points for every rank*
*Post Rank*
*01 -50 = Private
*50 -100 = Sniper
*100-300 = lieutenant
*300-500 = captain

after you reach 800 post the forum leaders will decide if you are deserving to become a Major/Lieutenant coronel or other wise it is depends of her/his performance,the moderators and administrator will be the one who decide to give the highest Rank in each members who are Qualified,

Even if you cannot reach the highest post' your position are still in a lowest level rank,

hope that every member should understand, the moderating team they want a better and informative forum for you thank you and

God Bless

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