About bb5king SW, killing p-keys, cracks etc.

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About bb5king SW, killing p-keys, cracks etc.

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 10, 2008 12:31 pm

For clear the situation I must write the story about bb5king.

I must write it here because in bb5king sections I'm censored from long
time by Manole (he delete my posts and leave only own propaganda for
wash users brain and show black is white and white is black).

When Manole want to start bb5king project I think this is normal
project like others - make product, sell this to users and give support
and updates. But Manole and his brother Zulea want use bb5king only as
weapon for try to kill JAF product.

I think I do my job good I give SW for users I give updates from 1.0b
to 1.07 and I want support this very long - give other addons to it
etc. Unfortunally Zulea and Manole get my trust and use this... after
release 1.07 they ask for sources for help in my work of course I give
it because Zulea help with UFS/JAF and card communication but I not
give loader sources after they get what they want they start own play.

First from this sources Zulea make software which is named 'Thomas bb5
unlocker' which looking the same - even I before don't know about this
is not crack and this is SW created from bb5king sources for
looking/working the same like Thomas unlocker and for killing p-keys -
I never accept this and they not ask me about this.

After this Zulea&Manole give new hot update for bb5king users
version 1.08 and 1.09 - this two versions are p-keys killers - when I
see new versions as p-key killers I try to protect users and I write
info about not use this version I delte this from server and I think
maybe now will be ok - but again new play, they restore 1.08 and 1.09
on server and block my FTP access to it and after delete my every post
in my bb5king sections where I aware users for don't use bb5king 1.08
and 1.09.

About deleted applet for bb5king from JAF server - this is only
Manole&Zulea job, after they create this Thomas 'crack' and this SW
start killing p-key Raskal think this is job done using bb5king applet
on card and delete it from server next reason is some friends told him
Manole want to selling possible JAF clones - so logical reason is
delete unknown applet from card and updater (applet for bb5king and
updater is a too Zulea job). And as we see Manole&Zulea now really
ofer JAF clones... funny from where they have this I think this bb5king
applet and updater was really with magician tricks from start for steal
something from JAF.
And of course Manole not write any statement about deleted applet with Zulea they give ASAP bb5king update for killing p-keys.

I know this looks logical applet deleted and then war... but this two
mans from start only looking for reason to killing Raskal JAF. I goodly
remember they push me 1-2 weeks after 3november and bb5king release to
implement p-keys killing in my update. This is not impulsive moving
this is good plan from start.

When after release 1.08 and 1.09 updates they kick me off from bb5king
and ppl start blame me because they think bb5king is still a Cinek job
- I try to do something for give JAF users way to use bb5king and not
killing p-keys - this is why I now give update for every p-key users
with bb5king because I cannot control serials system now, everything
from bb5king is in Manole&Zulea hands, so only thing which was
possible to do is yesterday update with bb5king for every JAF p-key

Of course after I give JAF update Zulea again use bb5king sources which
he get from me and he create free bb5 unlocker which work without any
dongle and put this as Cinek gift he put in software free by [c]Cinek
he even cr8 (c)Cinek on the forum which is totally fake.

With refund etc. in bb5king I do my job I give SW to users, users can
use this I think only man which will refund something is
Manole&Zulea they will return back money for killed p-keys and
cheated bb5king users and me and if you Manole want to play so dirty
game remember you can too make very big refund for resellers you know
for what. But I don't want write here about it or inform someone and
play in your way. I go to take my rest for few weeks as you want so
Cucu bau.

Of course now bb5unlocker for JAF is ok and not killing p-key but
please don't download this from other location than JAF server.
Now JAF users can use JAF bb5 unlocker which have full functionality like bb5king before.


Sorry for English but this is so long for again checking

nag papalabas nang sama nang loob....


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